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Audition by Appointment Only

Due to Covid-19 and our current guidelines, auditions will be by appointment only. Please contact Josh Harris at Shermancommunityplayers@gmail.com before August 10th for interests in Dracula.



Adapted by William McNulty

Trouble is brewing when the curtain rises on William McNulty’s new adaptation of Dracula. Dr. Abram Van Helsing has arrived at the estate of his old friend, Dr. Seward, who is desperate for help. Seward’s beloved Mina has recently died of a sudden and mysterious illness. Her horrific symptoms have proved baffling to the bereaved doctor: sudden loss of blood, bouts of sleepwalking in the cemetery, and strange puncture wounds on the neck. To make matters worse, Mina’s friend, Lucy, has begun to display the same symptoms! Seward hopes that Van Helsing, a noted expert in exotic medicine, will be able to uncover the cause of Lucy’s illness, and save her before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Count Dracula, a strange and imposing man from Transylvania, has taken up residence in nearby Carfax Abbey. And Lucy’s fiancé, Jonathan Harker, has mysteriously vanished. A solicitor who helped arrange the sale of the Abbey, Harker traveled to Transylvania a few months ago to finalize business matters with the Count… and never returned home.

At Seward’s estate, Renfield, a mental patient, is becoming more wild and unruly by the day, almost as though he were possessed. Lucy’s symptoms continue to grow worse. And how to account for the sudden onslaught of howls, coming by night from up the hill?

Van Helsing believes the problem they face is a grave one: “My diagnosis is there is no disease! The symptoms are real. But the cause is not internal.” He believes that Mina, and now Lucy, have suffered at the hands of a vampire. To save Lucy’s life, they will have to uncover the identity of the life-sucking demon, and destroy him. But the endeavor is a dangerous one. A vampire is a fearsome enemy, and the risks are greater than death. Should the doctors perish in their pursuit, they too will become vampires, spending an eternity preying upon the bodies and souls of those whom once they dearly loved. Will Seward and Van Helsing find the vampire and save Lucy’s life? Or is the monster about to claim yet another victim?

CAST OF 14, Action & Adventure, Multiple Dialects

Count Dracula - Seward’s new neighbor; recently moved from Transylvania.

Professor Abram Van Helsing - old friend of Seward; comes to help Lucy. (Dutch)

Dr Seward - Head doctor at the asylum. In the mourning over the death of his fiancée Mina. (British)

Mina - Love of Seward; recently died of a mysterious illness involving a loss of blood. (No lines)

Lucy - Mina’s friend; Displaying the same troubling symptoms as her friend Mina. (British)

Jonathon Harker - Lucy’s fiancée; missing after a trip to Transylvania. (British)

Renfield- Psychiatric patient who seems to know a bit too much about what is going on (Cockney)

Miss Sullivan - Dr Seward’s assistant. (Irish)

Mr. Briggs- Dr. Seward’s orderly. Responsible for maintaining peace among the patients. (Cockney)

The Child – Haunted and hunted by Mina. (No Lines)

2 Dressers/Vampire Brides

2 Backstage Crew/Monster



BY Charles Dickens

Adapted By Darrick Conroy & Derek George

For many decades the Caroll Family has a standing tradition during the holiday season. Every Christmas Eve the family will gather together in Grandpa Robert’s Attic and perform “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Each family member has assigned roles and no need for a script. This Christmas however, the family has been struck with the sudden loss of one of their own. Will the Caroll Family be able to keep their tradition alive even through hard times? Join us this holiday season for a classic story of love and compassion combined with the power of redemption, told in a brand new way!


ROBERT CAROLL/SCROOGE - 70 - Patriarch of the Family

MARTHA CAROLL/PRESENT - 70 - Robert’s wife, deceased for 10 years.

JACOB CAROLL - 35 - the youngest son of Robert and Martha 

PETER CAROLL - 48 -the eldest son of Robert and Martha

ELIZABETH CAROLL - 48 - the wife of Peter

MARTY CAROLL - 22 - Eldest Daughter of Peter and Liz

FREDDY CAROLL - 20 - Only Son of Peter and Liz

FANNY CAROLL/PAST - 10 - Youngest Daughter of Peter and Liz (Deceased)

GRETCHEN DILBER - 21- Freddy’s artistic girlfriend.