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Audition Info

THE FULL MONTY (June 2-25, 2023)

AUDITION DATES: Monday, Tuesday, April 10-11th. Callbacks Wednesday, April 12th.

First Read Thru Date: Sunday, April 16th, 6:30pm

Rehearsals run Sundays-Thursdays 6:30pm-10:00pm, beginning April 17th.


Based on the hit film of the same name, THE FULL MONTY follows the fortunes of six unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York. With no job, money, or prospects, they are fed up.  When the men spy on their wives and other local women going crazy over a group of male strippers, an idea begins to emerge.  Overcoming their jealousy and feelings of emasculation, they decide to make some quick cash by forming their own act—a team of male strippers with “real man” bodies.  However, their rehearsals are not easy.  As they prepare for the performance of their lives, they are tested and exposed, both physically and emotionally.  Overcoming their fears, self-consciousness, and inner demons, the men realize that they are strong together and find solace in their friendship.  This gives them the courage to finally “let it go” and reveal all!


  1. Vocal: Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song that demonstrates your voice at its best.  Please be prepared to sing with either a piano or an accompaniment track.  Singing a cappella is discouraged.

  2. Cold reading: Performers will read selected scenes from the script.  Copies of scenes will be provided and there will be a few minutes of preparation time before you are asked to read.

  3. Dance: There will be a simple choreography element.  You will work in groups.  Please dress comfortably. 

*Show is RATED R for Language and Partial Nudity

*Sherman Community Players adheres to a policy of open casting; that is, directors cast the performers with the talents and qualities appropriate for a given role regardless of that performer's ethnicity or gender.  Unless specifically limited by the script, all roles are open to all performers.


All characters are normal citizens of Buffalo NY.  They are everyday people. Unless specifically noted, all body types are welcome.  All ages are “stage ages” and somewhat flexible.

Nathan is a 12-year-old boy.  Candidates for this role must be at least 10 years old.

Full Monty Men: If you are auditioning for any one of the 6 dancing roles, or for Keno, you need to be comfortable enough with your body to perform onstage in your underwear and eventually a G-string. THERE WILL BE NO FRONTAL NUDITY.

PLEASE NOTE: Trust is a key word for our production---you will be taken care of respectfully and our final moment (The Full Monty) will be powerful and cheered on by the audience.  Please wear clothing to auditions that reveal your overall body shape accurately.  These are “real men” –mill workers, not club dancers—so again, all types are encouraged and you do not need to necessarily be a good dancer, but able to execute choreography is required.

Jerry Lukowski:  An unemployed mill worker. Age 30-40. Jerry is a complex emotional character with serious heart and charisma, and genuine tenderness for his son.  He’s a regular guy, fairly good looking and fit (his “nice rear” is referenced.)  Vocal Range: Rock Tenor

Nathan Lukowski: Jerry”s young son, Age 12. Might be young looking for his age, but he is serious, sincere, and charming as he deals with his parents’ custody battle.  Parents: Please note that this musical contains adult language and themes. You are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the show and its contents before allowing your young man to audition.  Vocal range: age appropriate.

Dave Bukatinsky: An unemployed steelworker. Age 30-40. He struggles with unemployment and its effect of his marriage.  A lovable, good-natured soul, with body weight and self-esteem issues. Must be comfortable enough with your belly to proudly wield it in all its glory.  Body type: notably overweight relative to the other Monty Men---This is a key component of the character.  Vocal Range: Tenor

Malcom MacGregor: an unemployed mill worker. Age 25-40. He is sweet and sincere.  He transforms from desperately lonely to deeply loving.  Average looking.  Vocal Range: High Tenor

Ethan Girard: Unemployed steelworker. Age 25-40. Remains optimistic while struggling with unemployment and friendship.  He energetically attempts wall walking a la Donald O’Connor’s acrobatics in “Singing in the Rain”. Good physical comedic role.  Farm boy handsome.  Vocal Range: High baritone/tenor

Noah “Horse” T. Simmons: a retired African American mill worker. Age 40-50. Gentle demeanor.  Seemingly, his  “break-dancing” days are over until he breaks out.  Excellent mover with great deadpan comedy.  He was in good physical----once.  Vocal Range: Baritone/tenor

Harold Nichols: An unemployed mill supervisor. Age 35-60.  He is a doting, prideful husband who is determined to keep his wife be-decked in upper middle-class luxury, despite 6 months of unemployment.  Aloof at first, his dance skills are what finally, and arduously, bring “Hot Metal” alive. Vocal range: High baritone/tenor

Buddy “Keno” Walsh: Handsome and experienced gay male stripper. Age 21-32. Opens the show with a solo dance number. May double in other smaller roles. Singing and harmonies required.

Teddy Slaughter: Pam’s fiancé. Age 35-55.  The opposite of Jerry. Clean-cut, well-off.  Doubles in other roles.  Singing and harmonies required.



Pam Lukowski: Jerry’s estranged wife.  Age 30-40.  She earnestly wants Jerry to be an active parent for Nathan, but wrestles with strong reservations about his character and her own lingering feeling for him. Vocal Range: Alto belt

Vicki Nichols: Harold’s wife. Age 30-55. Charming, energetic, loves Prada. Flamboyant, loving, understanding.  Classy, but one of the girls.  Comedic triple-threat.  Vocal range: High alto belt

Georgie Bukatinsky: Dave’s wife. Age 30-40. Warm, down-t-earth.  Not afraid to kick up her heels.  Her exuberance opens the show and sets the mood perfectly.  Her reality comes from dealing with her hubby’s struggles and trying to hold her marriage together. Vocal range: alto belt

Jeannette Burmeister: The piano player. Age 40-50. She’s seen it all and been there and done that.  Showbiz is in her blood.  Can’t be shocked, but will shock you when she speaks her mind.  Shows up with a piano to play for the guys totally out of the blue.  Piano-playing not actually required.  Vocal Range: Low alto

Other Roles (various ages, vocal ranges, types, may double)


Estelle Genovese, Jerry’s younger, sexy girlfriend

Susan Hershey, friend of Pam and Georgie

Joanie Lish, friend of Pam and Georgie

Dolores, friend of Pam and Georgie

Molly Malcom’s old, ailing mother.



Reg Willoughby union leader

Tony Giordano club owner