The Full Monty

June 2 - 25

    2023-2024 SEASON
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    By Douglas Evans

    June 5th & 6th, 6:30pm-9:30pm

    Honey McGee Playhouse

    313 Mulberry Street

    Sherman TX 75090

    Synopsis: When the quirky Wilson family goes on vacation, they visit a nice hotel – and then decide to take up residence in the elevator. They quickly turn their tiny space into a cozy home nicknamed “Otis” where they play pick-up sticks, have meals delivered, and entertain guests. All are welcome in the Wilsons’ tiny mobile room, and as they move up and down, they help everyone they meet, including a love-struck bellhop, an overscheduled old lady, and a lonely salesman. But when the Wilsons suspect that a kidnapped girl may be hidden in the hotel, they may face their biggest challenge yet.

    **Ages listed refer to the character, not to the actor being considered for the role. Both teenagers and adults are welcome to audition for the adult roles.

    Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

    Directed by Laura Hill

    Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

    Sherman Community Players adheres to a policy of open casting; that is, directors cast the performers with the talents and qualities appropriate for a given role regardless of that performer's ethnicity or gender.  Unless specifically limited by the script, all roles are open to all performers.


    WALTER WILSON: about 40, big-bellied father. Wears suspenders. Energetic and happy-go-lucky.

    WINONA WILSON, about 40, easy-going mother, finds the best in things. A bit of a matchmaker.

    WHITNEY WILSON, age 10, daughter, twin of Winslow. Likes to tease her brother.

    WINSLOW WILSON, age 10, son, twin of Whitney. Very good at games.

    GAVIN, age 18, bellhop, wears a red jacket and black bowtie. Eager to please, wants to be a teacher. Shy with girls.

    HOUSEKEEPER, Woman about 20. Always bustling about.

    ELDERLY MAN AND WOMAN, hotel guests. Double role as kidnappers.

    MR. BROWN, about 30, salesman of fads. Wears all brown.  Friendly, a bit lonely.

    CATHY, age 18, clerk in flower stall. Quiet at first, but talks a lot when she opens up.

    MRS. GOLDENGATE, about 70, society woman, lives in penthouse with white poodle Oui-Oui. Always in a rush.

    JOE, about 50, night watchman, wears security guard hat. Good in an emergency, but tends to fall asleep on the job.

    NATACHA, about 25, waitress at party, wears long apron. Wants to be an actress. Uses different accents to practice.

    WOMAN KIDNAPPER, wears black outfit and sunglasses. The bossy one.

    MAN KIDNAPPER, wears black outfit and sunglasses. Constantly complaining

    LIZZY CHRONICLE, age 12, bratty rich girl. Thinks everything is BORING.

    HOTEL MANAGER, 40, wears tie and blazer. Welcoming and business like.