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Sunday, May 19th 2-4pm

Monday & Tuesday May 20 & 21st, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Honey McGee Theater, 313 Mulberry St, Sherman.

By Ed Monk

This show performs July 5-14, 2024

Sponsored by: Dr. Alyssa Orthodontics

Synopsis: It is the night of the royal ball and Cinderella must get to the palace if she is ever to meet her one true love, Prince Charmfull. But when she calls for her Fairy Godmother, it turns out that some bad potato salad has given all the Fairy Godmothers food poisoning. Enter Lucretia Fossilwart, scented candle saleswoman and Substitute Fairy Godmother. This will not end well. (Or will it?)

**Most roles are gender neutral, and many roles could be doubled. Most roles could be played by any age. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be available ahead of time, please contact pam@scptheater.org

**REHEARSALS will begin June 9th and will go Sunday-Wednesday from 6-9pm.


Cinderella—overworked but will take on any task. Need a barn for 100 llamas by morning? Sure, why not, it’s not like she has laundry to do and lunch to cook. She just wants to have one nice night. Is that too much to ask?

Alberta—Evil step-sister, almost finished 3rd grade, loves to make up tasks for Cinderella.

Fabio—Evil step-brother, also almost finished 3rd grade, always ready for a snack.

Fabreeze—Evil stepmother. Very worried about the llama delivery, and pretty excited about getting to live in the palace if Alberta could marry the Prince

The Royal Messenger—a lot slower than a phone call or email, but maybe you will get your message in time

Boss of the Fairy Godmothers—intent on making the Fairy Godmothers famous, by helping the princesses and princes perfectly

Hortense—the Fairy Dispatcher, sends fairy godmothers out on missions

Esperanto—fairy Godmother, lacking in food safety knowledge, but competent fairy godmother

Lucretia—a substitute fairy godmother, distractable, kind of a screw up, but she won’t let that stop her, thinks outside the box to accomplish her tasks in less magical ways

Maurice—a pig, excited about the possibility of chips and dips

Wembly—a pig, also excited about the chip and dip possibility

Wasabi—a pig, could also go for chips and dips

Merwin—the Big Bad Wolf,” just trying to secure my dinner old chap” (maybe a British accent)

King Vladimir—does not know what to do with his son

Queen Shania—also does not know what to do about their son

Prince Charmfull—does not want to grow up and be king. Would rather play with model trains (although have trains even been invented yet?)

Rumpelstiltskin—everybody knows his name

Pinocchio—how did he even get in this story?

Noxima—suitor of the prince, wants to be Co-King and have 10 children

Panteen—dances with the prince but only wants to marry Oscar

The Royal Ball Ensemble—likely will be doubled with the fairy godmothers, mostly people to interact with the Prince. Could be other parts though, like waiters or maybe a DJ